Our Story

Welcome to Mena’te! Here, you will experience our casual dining steak hub ambiance with a perfectly cooked steak at a price for everyone. Steak is a rare treat for most Malaysians, but afraid not; you can meat your expectations here with our unbeatable beef cuts complemented with other delicious chicken, pasta, pizza and seafood choices. Operating for over 11 years, with  steak hubs in Klang Valley and 3 in Johor, Melaka and Seremban, we are the herd leader, delivering the best quality of mouth-watering foods in a warm and welcoming environment!

About Our Chef

If you’re looking for steaks, look no further than Me’nate, our chefs are the experts in delivering exceptional foods. Meet our executive chef and grillardin, Fazli, who leads a team of chefs across all Me’nate steak hubs in Malaysia. He works his magic through a diverse range of techniques, which he believes in keeping his steak faultless, tender and juicy! Not only just that, but his skills and imaginations also come in with the appetizers, the non-steak choices, and the side dishes. He reflects the chefs’ culinary personalities – not just being behind the kitchen but being the person who cooks the food day to day to perfection – and often tastes to combine a Malaysians’ twist with the food he cooks. Fazli is also responsible for the hub’s central butchery, providing additional value to Me’nate as a beef specialist with an excellent understanding of in-house food production.

Our Crew

Meet our fantasteak crew! Our team at Me’nate is what makes us different from other steakhouses. We are known for our large portions of great value for your money and casual atmosphere with super friendly waiters! At Me’nate, we are always dedicated to providing our customers with an exceptional yet inviting and welcoming dining experience.